Garageband 10 Update


Brand new on Garageband: the version 10 update is here!!!

Check out this brand new video to learn what’s new!


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Soundtrack Your Movie With Garageband

I was recently asked whether it’s possible to edit video using Garageband.

The answer? Yes – it’s very possible.

It wasn’t until later that I realised that it might be a better idea to incorporate Garageband into iMovie, instead of having your videos inside Garageband itself….

Here’s how…

  •  Open a brand new iMovie project. Select the “Music and Sound Effects” button that’s on the right hand side of the middle menu pane (it looks like a musical note). This will open the “Music and Sound Effects” menu in the bottom right hand corner of your iMovie project, displaying all of your audio options to add to your iMovie project.
  •  Choose the “GarageBand” option from the menu at the top of the “Music and Sound Effects.” This source menu also contains options to use music from iTunes as well as lots of other pre-made sound effects that Apple provides within iMovie.
  •  Select the audio file from GarageBand you want to add from the given list. To preview your selection, highlight the file by clicking on it. Press the “Play” button at the bottom of the Music and Sound Effects window to listen to the selection you have chosen. Drag and drop your selection into your iMovie project screen located in the upper middle section of the iMovie program.
  • This will then show a green highlight over the clips that the GarageBand audio file extends over. Click the “Play” button, press the space bar, or move your cursor over the iMovie project clips to preview where your audio lies within your project. Move your audio selection to the correct clip position by placing your cursor over the green highlighted area showing where your audio lies along the iMovie project clips. When the cursor becomes a hand, you are able to grab the entire audio selection and move it according to where you want the audio to lie on your iMovie clips.
  •  Edit your audio file so that it starts and stops at the correct spots during the correct iMovie project clips. To do so, move your mouse cursor over the green highlighted area around the clip you want to trim your audio on. When the cursors becomes a line with arrows coming out of it facing either direction, this will allow you to move your GarageBand audio selection in either direction according to how you want to trim the audio over your iMovie project clips. Save your iMovie project to apply the changes you’ve made once the GarageBand audio you have added is correctly positioned and trimmed.

There you have it, a simple way to start soundtracking your iMovie projects with and learn how to use garageband.